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Guides to buying all types of musical instruments and equipment. All the guides are based on hands-on real life use. As well as running jam sessions where we use different brands of gear all the time, we have a long history of working in gigging bands in all sorts of situations especially the pub/club circuit and functions, but also including residencies in major nightclubs, outdoor events and restaurants. Basically, all the places that grass roots working musicians earn their bread and butter.
A few key points. With most musical instruments and equipment you do tend to get what you pay for, up to a point. The law of diminishng returns does operate however, for example, a £500 valve guitar amp will sound and feel noticeably better than a £250 amp, and a £1,000 amp will be noticably better than the £500 one. A £2,000 amp however, whilst being a little better still, which is fine if you can afford that level of perfection, will not be twice as good as the £1,000 amp. At the other end of the scale, most super cheap gear ends up getting replaced with something better pretty quickly, and is usually best avoided as it is often a false economy.
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